LLN, a division of MD Selection, is a network-based consultancy providing the services of competent legal practitioners for temporary assignments. The network connects corporates, legal advisors and attorneys with high calibre professionals who have the necessary experience and are available to fill a gap on an ad hoc basis.

The services of a legal consultant have optimum application when professional teams are under pressure and resources are stretched and in need of bolstering.

LLN boasts a network of generalists and specialists in commercial and corporate law, taxation, IT, eCommerce, commercial litigation, insolvency, liquidation,  employment law, corporate governance, and compliance and risk matters. Our practitioners are able to hit the ground running and to add value with immediate effect.

Professionalism and confidentiality are non-negotiable criteria. We warrant a thorough investigation of consultants encompassing every aspect of their history including credit, reference and law society checks.

The Consultant

There is no typical profile of an LLN consultant. Their background and the reason they have chosen flexibility varies from one person to the other.

Their choice to work in an independent capacity is motivated by personal circumstances and lifestyle choices. They are selective as to the type, level and extent of work they wish to handle.

The one thing they do have in common is their professionalism and expertise.

Their ages vary from late twenties to early sixties and both genders and all races are well represented.

How it works

LLN is in a position to immediately connect you with the services of a suitably qualified and competent practitioner as and when a bottleneck arises.

You will have the opportunity to select the consultant whom you deem most suitable from a number of profiles that will be presented to you.