how we do it

Our approach is simple

Our duty of quality service is to both the prospective employer and the employee. Our aim is to ensure a successful matching which will prove mutually advantageous.

We make it our business to get to know the employer company as much as possible. Only by gaining insight into its business, industry, culture, ethos and value drivers are we able to effectively do our work.

The selection process is thorough and multi-faceted

Prospective candidates are extensively researched with the purpose of ensuring that the objective criteria of the role, such as qualification and relevant experience are met.

Equally important is to ensure that there is a chemistry fit

The executive needs to share a commonality of purpose and values with his/her prospective employer for a successful matching to take place.

Our goal is to identify like-minded individuals without compromising diversity and individuality. To this end, we concentrate on getting to know the executive - the human being as well as the professional. We believe that personal background and work history are inextricably linked.

We also talk to as many people as possible who know the prospective candidate to get their sense of his/her character, integrity, ability, energy and track record. These references contribute to our own evaluation.

Non-negotiable "housekeeping", such as consumer credit checks are conducted prior to putting a candidate forward. We also independently verify academic qualifications, work history and professional affiliations.

We assist in negotiations between the parties, we advise on the determination and structuring of packages and in drafting contracts of employment.

Coaching is included as part of our service to ensure that recently appointed individuals assimilate in their new environment.